3 Ways to Boost Your LIC Business Using Ulkaria LIC Software

Hello LIC Agents In this blog i will explain how you can use Ulkaria LIC Software to increase your Insurance Business How to use its hidden features to get maximum benefit of technology.

1.Add Appointment in Appointment Diary 

Even you have Exceptional Memory but using technology to remember Meeting and Appointment is always a good idea. You can Save your Appointment in Ulkaria LIC Software and you can check them back.

To Save a Appointment in Ulkaria LIC Software to go to Tools and Utilities Click on Appointment Dairy to Expend it. Click on Appointment/Meeting. Fill the form and click on Save to Add your appointment.

Lic Agent Software 

2.Share Proposal And Quotation Before Meeting 

I have noticed form our agent feedback it is always beneficial to share Plan Quotation/Proposal Before you actually meet them.

In Ulkaria LIC Software You can export every policy in PDF/DOC and other file format which you can share your clients through email whatsapp or even facebook  to your client.

export ulkaria lic software reports

 3. Use SMS to Be In touch with your Clients 

SMS is Still a Powerful and inexpensive way to increase communication with your clients.

SEND SMS in ulkaria LIC Software

In Ulkaria LIC Software we have SEND SMS Feature which you can Use to Update your Clients About their policy status. You Can Wish birthday and send Greeting on festival to your clients.

TO Download Ulkaria LIC Software Visit http://www.ulkaria.com/

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