LIC Premium Calculator ~Ulkaria LIC Software

Hello LIC Agents In this blog i will explain how you use Premium Calculator in Ulkaria LIC Software to calculate premium of All LIC Policy Plan Available.

Premium Calculator is free in Ulkaria LIC Software you can use Ulkaria LIC Software Premium Calculator free for Calculating Premium of All LIC Policy Plans life time even after your Ulkaria LIC Software Free Trial is expired.

Use Online LIC Premium Calculator for FREE 

If you have not downloaded Ulkaria LIC Software visit to download Ulkaria LIC Software if you have any problem in downloading or installing Ulkaria LIC Software Read my Article How to Install Ulkaria LIC Software?

Open your Ulkaria LIC Software by Clicking on Ulkaria LIC Software ICON

LIC Software

Once Ulkaria LIC Software is Open Click on Presentation in your Side Panel

Ulkaria LIC Software Dashboard


On Presentation you will find following Option

  • Premium Calculator
  • Plan Quotation
  • Quick Combination
  • Quotation Compare

Click on Premium Calculator

Premium Calculator Option Will Expend and it will have Following Options

Premium Calculator Premium Calculator~Ulkaria LIC Software

Multi Premium Calculator 

Online Premium Calculator

Now Click On Premium Calculator


A from will Open and it will ask




Plan Number

Premium Calculator Form~Ulkaria LIC Software

Premium Calculator Form~Ulkaria LIC Software


Premium Term

Sum Assured

Fill the Details as per you Plan and Client Requirement.

After Filling the Form Click on Calculate Premium.

Premium Calculator Result~Ulkaria LIC Software

If You Still Have any problem in Calculating Premium of Any  LIC Plan or Policy Please View The video


Ulkaria LIC Software Premium Calculator is free for life time you can use Ulkaria LIC Software Premium Calculator for free without Paying anything.

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Use Online LIC Premium Calculator for FREE 

3 Ways to Boost Your LIC Business Using Ulkaria LIC Software

Hello LIC Agents In this blog i will explain how you can use Ulkaria LIC Software to increase your Insurance Business How to use its hidden features to get maximum benefit of technology.

1.Add Appointment in Appointment Diary 

Even you have Exceptional Memory but using technology to remember Meeting and Appointment is always a good idea. You can Save your Appointment in Ulkaria LIC Software and you can check them back.

To Save a Appointment in Ulkaria LIC Software to go to Tools and Utilities Click on Appointment Dairy to Expend it. Click on Appointment/Meeting. Fill the form and click on Save to Add your appointment.

Lic Agent Software 

2.Share Proposal And Quotation Before Meeting 

I have noticed form our agent feedback it is always beneficial to share Plan Quotation/Proposal Before you actually meet them.

In Ulkaria LIC Software You can export every policy in PDF/DOC and other file format which you can share your clients through email whatsapp or even facebook  to your client.

export ulkaria lic software reports

 3. Use SMS to Be In touch with your Clients 

SMS is Still a Powerful and inexpensive way to increase communication with your clients.

SEND SMS in ulkaria LIC Software

In Ulkaria LIC Software we have SEND SMS Feature which you can Use to Update your Clients About their policy status. You Can Wish birthday and send Greeting on festival to your clients.

TO Download Ulkaria LIC Software Visit

How To Install Ulkaria LIC Software?

In This Blog I will Explain How to Download and  Install Ulkaria LIC Software and will Explain Problems That May Arise during Downloading Ulkaria LIC Software how to Solve These Problems.

Downloading Ulkaria LIC Software is Very Easy you just need to Visit And you have to Enter Your Name and Mobile Number and then You have to Click On Download Button.

LIC Software

LIC Software

Step 1) Visit Ulkaria LIC Software Website Enter your name and Mobile Number And Hit Download.

Question 1) I am Not Able to see the From or Download Button what should i do ? How I can Download Ulkaria LIC Software ?

Answer) Ulkaria LIC Software is Compatible to PC/Desktop Only So if you open Ulkaria LIC Software Website ( in Mobile You cannot see the from. We have disabled form in mobile as Ulkaria LIC Software Do not Support Mobile Platforms. If you wish to download Ulkaria LIC Software You need to visit In your Desktop and then You have to Download it.

When Download Is Complete Locate Software in Folder and then Double Click On Ulkaria LIC Software Icon Ulkaria LIC Software IConAfter Clicking It will may ask administrator Privilege For running setup Click Yes and Allow Ulkaria LIC Software setup to run.

After Clicking on Yes Wait For Setup Dialog Box to Appear

Setup Dialog Box Will Look like

LIC Software

Click On Next And Then Click On I accept Software Licence Agreement.

LIC SoftwareAgain Click On Next and then Fill your User name and Company Name(LIC)

LIC Software

After Filling Information Click on next And then Select Complete And hit Next

LIC Software

After Clicking Next Click Install

LIC Software

When You Click On Install Setup Will Install Ulkaria LIC Software on You System.

At The End Click on Finish

LIC Software

Step 2) Click on downloaded Setup TO run it After that Follow Instruction on Screen It will Install Ulkaria LIC Software On your system.

Question 2) I have Downloaded Ulkaria LIC Software But When i Run setup Some ERROR Occur and setup Dialog Box do not Appear?

Answer) Size Of Ulkaria LIC Software is more then 90 MB( For Current Version) If Setup is Not able to Download Completely then Error will occur and setup will not load.

After Installing Software Four Icon will come on Desktop

LIC Software

Click On Ulkaria LIC Icon

LIC Software

A form will open for First Time Registration

LIC SoftwareFill all the details and then Click on Online Registration. It will validate your data register your software For 20 Days Trial.

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Ulkaria LIC Software: Story behind our birth

Ulkaria LIC software

3 years back, My dad was using a software to keep track of his LIC customers. My dad is an LIC agent and he has to keep account of all the policies availed by all his customers. I found that the software he was using was shitty and I asked my dad to stop using it and using some other software, that’s when I came to know through him that it was the best software used by most of the LIC agents. I was shocked, the software was shitty and it didn’t have options for many things. That’s when my quest for making the best LIC software started. Every evening, I would sit 2-3 hours with my dad and in the night I would code. In three years what was ready was the best LIC software to date. My dad could not believe that a software could give him such ease at managing all his policies. He instantly said it is the best LIC software and way better than any other LIC software. Our software has separate option to manage LIC policies, to prepare presentations and to keep track of every customers. You can also trigger SMS to your clients regarding their due dates, policy expire and even on their birthdays. Any update in the software can be done online. What’s more: You can use our software for free for one month and then if you like the software you can buy a plan suitable to your needs. We call our company Ulkaria which means trust, because we are the technology that you can trust.
To download Ulkaria LIC Software: Click on this link.