Ulkaria LIC Software: Story behind our birth

Ulkaria LIC software

3 years back, My dad was using a software to keep track of his LIC customers. My dad is an LIC agent and he has to keep account of all the policies availed by all his customers. I found that the software he was using was shitty and I asked my dad to stop using it and using some other software, that’s when I came to know through him that it was the best software used by most of the LIC agents. I was shocked, the software was shitty and it didn’t have options for many things. That’s when my quest for making the best LIC software started. Every evening, I would sit 2-3 hours with my dad and in the night I would code. In three years what was ready was the best LIC software to date. My dad could not believe that a software could give him such ease at managing all his policies. He instantly said it is the best LIC software and way better than any other LIC software. Our software has separate option to manage LIC policies, to prepare presentations and to keep track of every customers. You can also trigger SMS to your clients regarding their due dates, policy expire and even on their birthdays. Any update in the software can be done online. What’s more: You can use our software for free for one month and then if you like the software you can buy a plan suitable to your needs. We call our company Ulkaria which means trust, because we are the technology that you can trust.
To download Ulkaria LIC Software: Click on this link.

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